Rainy Day Must-Haves


Lido Marina Village:

Josh and I have been loving the new Lido Marina Village and have found some new shops we can’t get enough of and excited to discover many more! Lido Village Books is where I purchased the design antho/ogy magazine! Their outdoor magazine selection and their quaint shop is magical with so many book gems. But before we can make our way to the book shop we usually stop at Honor Coffee Roasters. Honor has the best design and decor I’ve seen, nothing like gold, marble and wood for days! Their cortado there is my favorite and pairs well with a vegan chocolate & sea salt donut from The Caffeinated Kitchen! Lastly, I’m excited for my first pair of glasses to arrive,  the last time I wore glasses I was in high school! I love how easy it is to order from Warby Parker and can’t wait to debut my new specs!

Coffee + Breakfast: 

First thing I do in the morning is brewing myself some coffee and make breakfast. Nothing better on a rainy day or sunny day for that matter then a cup of freshly brewed coffee and some quiet time to read and write. I’m not usually a breakfast person (just coffee in the morning) but once I got pregnant I had to start eating in the morning. I’ve tried to stay healthy over the last 7 months so I had to start making something simple, quick, and easy. I usually have a half a cup of greek yogurt, blueberries, a dash of cinnamon, and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. It’s also a good snack in lieu of ice cream or candy. Gotta find those little ways to cheat the sweets cravings!

I hope to share more soon of some inspiring places to go, home decor, and lifestyle inspiration!