Feelin’ Green

Green 2

  1. Dandelion is a hexagonal tile influenced by patterns from Japanese textile prints and lacquerware. Dandelion can be installed with multiple layouts depending on how you turn the tile when installing.
  2. Convivial Production Large Rustic Floor Planter
  3. Beverly Hills Hotel signature palm print.Interior Design by Steven Sclaroff. Photo by Francois Dischinger.


Inspiration: Windowsill Zebra Cactus, Green Juice and Fuji Film Instax Images.

A few of our Favorite Things!

Today is Wednesday, Hump Day, the Middle of the work week! You are kinda dragging, tired, and looking forward to Friday which calls for a nice healthy dose of  inspiration! Today we are featuring a few of our favorite things from my favorite online Market Place Cloud Parade! 

I’m obsessed with these no fuss, easy, chic, home accents! These little gems can add a little spice and character to any space and are perfect for wedding favors, birthday gifts, or little gifts to yourself for just getting through the long work week! Check out The Den’s Pinterest page for more inspiration and the shop links for the awesome plants below!

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In + On: Floors + Spring Looks

I’ve been scouring the internet for a new rug for my office. I’m super drawn to this leopard rug, but what’s new? It’s just my obvious animal obsession.

One thing I find incredibly funny about my rug style, is that I don’t like the look of “new” as much. There is just something cozy about a rug that has a little fading or warn look to it. Also, aren’t rugs a sort of wintery feel? During the summer I don’t mind for my floors to be bare, but during winter rugs are a must!

I am not ready for summer yet. I love crisp spring weather, and the clothes that go with it. Plus, after a year of not working out the last thing you want to do is shop for shorts. I love three elements to spring wear that you won’t see during the southern california summer; jeans, sweaters & leather jackets.

Alas, 3 days of 80 + weather and I think shorts, tanks & swimwear are looming. I’m rounding up my favorites for the next post so don’t miss it!

(Links & credit for all the inspiration images can be found on my Inspiration Den Board.)

Emerald Green + Oz the Great and Powerful

I’m going to be out-of-town on St. Patrick’s day so I thought I would give you a little Inspiration Early! Emerald Green is the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year so I decided to create a little inspiration board of some home decor + wall ideas for the home. I especially LOVE the emerald-green chevron curtains! And Besides being an awesome home decor accent color it’s also the color of one of the most magical cities in story book history, The Emerald City! I’m so looking forward to seeing Oz the Great and Powerful because aside from looking visually awesome this movie has some of my favorite actors/actresses playing awesome characters!

Wall-Decor-Inspiration St.-patricks-Home-Design-Inspiration oz-the-great-and-powerful-wide

In + On: March Edition

Have you ever visited Sherwin Williams to glance through their wallpaper books? Trust me, you must! Grab a coffee and find a store that carries the papers (they also usually have a table and setting area). I chanced upon their vast collection a few years back when I was picking up some paint. They carry everything from popular designers to their own brand, and while I haven’t done any wallpaper in our current home, I loved the wallpaper we had two houses ago! It’s much easier to install then most people led me to believe, and much easier to take down then the wallpaper of 20 years ago.

The verdict is still out on whether I’ll be doing an entire room in wallpaper at this house, but I do love the look of almost all the black and white papers. I’m also on the look out where I can get Pollock on my walls. This seems like a bit more exciting then wallpaper, while creating some serious controversy & conversation for house guests. (Imagine what your grandmother would say?)

Until recently, I never believed myself to be into “animal prints” but several times over the past few weeks, I’ve had people ask me why I loved them so much? You can imagine my surprise, literally – I had no answer! After a few random questions, I realized that between my tortoise shell phone case & leopard loafers, I basically always have something animal related on me. Why not add to the collect? I’m adoring dalmatian print anyway, so this just seals the deal. I shared a wallpaper image above, and I have some dalmatian pointy flats coming in the mail this week.

I think thus concludes my animal prints. Leopard, dalmatian, and tortoise are all gorgeous within limits, but there is definitely a fine line to be crossed with animal prints. I’m stopping while I’m ahead! xxoo

(Links & credit for all the inspiration images can be found on my Inspiration Den Board)