Friday Find’s: Target’s Dollar Spot!

I LOVE Target, I go in to buy a tube of tooth paste and come out with $100 worth of stuff I probably didn’t need but really thought in mid purchase it was a must have! I swear Target must have some drug pumping through its air that makes you have no sense of how much your spending until you’ve stepped out of the store! I suppose you can’t help it, their stuff is too cute to pass up! I’m especially fond of  their home decor section, I loved the Patch NYC line and the Nate Berkus collection is one of my favorites!

Today’s Friday Find’s consist of an awesome chevron and polka-dotted black ink pen, a roll of orange and pink polka-dotted kraft paper,  super trendy arrow clothes line clips,  stickers made out of paper bag material, and some cool mechanical pencils all for a total of $6.53! So do yourself a favor and hit up target today before these Friday Find’s are all gone!

Happy Friday!
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