Pantone Color of the Year 2017

greeneryLove the new Pantone color of the year, GREENERY and the the additional color pairings!

“Nature’s neutral, PANTONE Greenery is a versatile “trans-seasonal” shade that lends itself to many color combinations. As displayed in the 10 palettes below, Greenery is paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, metallics and even the enduring presence of PANTONE Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity. These palettes easily cross over fashion, beauty, product and graphic design applications.” Pantone

Last year we featured ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY PANTONE and saw these colors featured everywhere from mermaid hair, wedding color palettes to favorite summer sunnies and more! We can’t wait to see where we see this color!


This week I’ve been collaborating with the most amazing inspiring team at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa! We have been brain storming Easter 2017 stage and graphic design and can’t wait to launch all of the ideas! I’ll miss working with such a great team! You can see what we have created for Easter 2014-2016 here!

See THE INSPIRATION DEN’S favorite pinterest picks for the Pantone color of the year here, we LOVE greenery!

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