Beauty Inspiration



Okay so I’m not very good at picking out skin products, I don’t have the kind of skin where I can wash it once a day or with just generic face wash. I have oily skin one second and dry skin the next so you can see my dilemma and terror when I’m out shopping and see a zillion different products! The only solution that has worked for me over the last 10 years of my life is that I found a faithful esthetician! Lucky for me she is my good friend Kristyn Smith esthetician and owner of Smith & Brit Boutique and Spa in NYC.

For my birthday I received a package in the mail with some hand picked beauty products from Kristyn and Kelsey that include Native Atlas* Daily Complexion Active Ionic Cleansing Bar and the Clarifying Face Oil, Moon Juice Beauty Dust Packet, and “Un” Cover-up by RMS Beauty. I LOVE all of these products and feel with my hormonal baby induced moods and skin break outs anything helps! I love having friends that know what you need before you even do and besides who doesn’t LOVE to get stuff in the mail!

If you are looking for an esthetician that can give you advice on your skin, or would like to look into facial treatments, brow waxing, and you live in NYC then need to hit up Smith & Brit!

Lastly, another fun way to try different beauty products is subscribing to Birchbox a monthly makeup and skincare box for women that is tailored to your own beauty style and needs or you can choose a subscription for men that is just for men.


Hair: Kelsey Hughes

Makeup: Kristyn Smith (Smith & Brit)

Venue: Lombardi House 



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