Some of you may know that I’ve made some prints in the past and took a break, while I focused on some branding and marketing jobs. Now that I am going to have some more free time, I would like to put my efforts into what I love, by creating more prints, design, life style and other inspiration. Here I’ll be apprising everyone in what I’m currently working on. I’ve set a personal goal to publish something once a week or more and keep this updated and consistent.

I think it’s important for all people to focus on their passions and areas of their lives they find joy and fulfillment in. Over the years, I’ve had periods of time where I felt like I was working hard on my day-to-day job, others and the busy-ness of life. In those moments, the things we do to inspire us personally may suffer unintentionally. I find that those personal achievements benefit us in more ways than one. When we make time for those passions, it’s therapeutic, inspiring and validating. Whatever your passion may be, try and carve out some time to do something for yourself. Trust me, your day-to-day job, family life and creative life will thank you!

Keep an eye out for my updated online store and exciting things ahead!



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