Say Hello to our newest Inspiration Den contributor!

I’m so excited, today we are introducing the newest member of The Inspiration Den team! There are two reasons I’m excited to have Lindsay with us, First,  I LOVE food and think her recipes are inspirational and actually delicious! Secondly, Lindsay and her family have certain food allergies, which makes all of her recipes usable for others who have these sensitivities. I think people  finally paying attention to what they eat and how food affects them is amazing.

All that to say I would LOVE to introduce Lindsay Esparza, our newest recipe contributor for The Inspiration Den!


Amber: What got you started in creating allergy safe recipes for your family?
Lindsay: While I have always had dairy allergies, I used to still eat it and suffer the consequences. It wasn’t until my daughter was born with allergies to eggs, dairy and soy that started me on a complete revamping of our diet.
Amber: What is your favorite part about putting together a meal and coming up with a recipe?
Lindsay: My favorite part about putting together a meal is seeing all the hard work pay off with the end result. Coming up with the recipe takes a lot of searching and planning, but that’s all part of the fun. I enjoy thinking of things or trying to tweak recipes to fit our wants and needs. I go to sleep dreaming of new things I could try. It may be an obsession.
Amber: Where do you find inspiration?
Lindsay: From my extreme like of food, baking, cooking and eating!
Amber: What’s the most inspirational piece of decor in your home?
Lindsay: My pistachio green Kitchenaid mixer. I’m in love.
Thank you Lindsay! We are so excited to have you here in The Den!
If you would like to hear more from Lindsay keep an eye out for the launch of her new sit Fancy Food Thoughts, also if you have any questions or comments for Lindsay regarding her recipes or information on food allergies leave a comment below!

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