Davie Art: Interview + Look-Book


Band Card

I’m so excited to introduce Dianna Grobstein of DAVIE ART! Love her technique and love for woodland animals! I hope everyone enjoys her interview and drawings as much as I do, and for all those Portlandia peeps you must check out this talented local gem! All images are available as prints or cards in her shop!

Amber // The Inspiration Den – Dianna Grobstein // Davie Art

Amber: Can you tell The Inspiration Den reader’s a little bit about yourself and how “DAVIE” got started? 

Dianna: I am from Los Angeles and have lived in Portland for the last year and a half. I have been doing art since I was young, with my father and grandfather both being painters. I think I was my dad’s muse because about 90% of his paintings were of me. I have always loved art and found ways to be creative in everything I did.

A few years ago I started DAVIE. I actually remember the day when it happened. I was doodling at my job and a coworker asked if she could commission an illustration for her apartment. I had never really worked with pen and ink, and after that point drawing has become quite an obsession.

In the process of finding my style of lines and technique, I created the name DAVIE so I could do street art, and “protect my identity”. I was never much of a troublemaker, so I quickly stopped and just focused on creating a business. But my heart still wants to take my art to the streets. Maybe I will again someday.

Amber: Who and what inspires you and your work?

Dianna: I feel like my art teeters on the line of imagination and fiction. Some small details will look make-believe while everything else can seem somewhat realistic. I love books with raging imaginations and getting lost in their worlds. I need to make more time for books because I always get so excited to create after reading.

Amber: What’s your most inspiration piece of decor or detail in or of your studio?

Dianna: I have a piece of art by Kyle Field in my studio. I’ve always loved his work as well as his music (Little Wings), and have one of his drawings on my desk. He’s such a kind soul and is someone who has had a very authentic and genuine journey. He seems to keep true to doing what he loves while finding a large underground following who appreciates it. Looking at his drawing keeps me on track.

Amber: Any advice for the artist and dreamer?

Dianna: People have different views on this, but I tell people to just start creating and not fear your audience seeing the dirty process. Most people want to have all their ducks in a row before anyone views it, but that’s not always realistic. Allow yourself to make changes and grow in front of people. I’ve realized these last few years that nobody really cared that I’ve changed my website design or my logo. I’ve become more productive and less worried what people think.

Amber: What’s your favorite piece of art work you’ve ever done or your favorite drawing?

Dianna: I’ve grown very attached to the Rabbit that I did about a year ago. Whenever I finish drawings, I typically feel unsatisfied with the outcome to be honest, but I kind of shocked myself with how much I liked the little guy.


Rabbit Print

Amber: Looks like your main form of art are ink illustrations, why did you choose that over other forms of drawing or painting?

Dianna: I like clean lines and simplicity. I tend to wear a lot of black and white, and my house decor follows suit. My friends have critiqued my behavior as borderline OCD and so my art has always resembled similar patterns of my lifestyle. I like drawing because it feels more controlled than when I use to paint.

Amber: Can we expect any shows from you in the future and are you working on anything special right now?

Dianna: I’ve got a show going on in Portland, OR now showing my “Animals with Weapons” series. I’m also dabbling with the idea of a series called, “Animals Sinking Ships”.


Animals W/ Weapons

Along with doing series, I like to follow what other artists in town are working on and try to grab coffee with them. I’m working with one guy to create my own typeface, which I’m super excited about and will realistically be launched in about a decade. I also want to work with this guy named Lord Blakely here in Portland and learn how to do graffiti style lettering this summer. I love drawing and am working on fine-tuning my style, while exploring other creative ideas with friends along the way.


Dianna of DAVIE ART!Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 8.33.58 PMAnatomy by DAVIE ART


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