Welcome Amber of Amber Lay Events! Our New DIY Contributor!



Here are a few of Amber’s DIY’s she put together for her website!

I’m so excited to have a new DIY contributor in The Inspiration Den and wanted to take a sec to introduce her to all of our readers! Check back tomorrow to see Amber’s First DIY post on How to Add Succulents to a Bouquet! Perfect for a wedding or event!

The Den: Tell our readers a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Amber L.: Hi there! I am Amber Lay, the founder of Amber Lay Events (ALE). We offer Event Coordinating & Planning, Custom Florals, and Design & Styling. While we often find ourselves doing weddings, we love to help with charity events, birthday parties and just about any other event under the sun. Speaking of the sun, I can’t get enough which is why I call San Diego my home and spend just about every minute I’m not working at the beach or as close to it as possible. Oh, and did I mention that a portion of our proceeds from each event goes to the one of the great CAUSES we partner with?! We feel very strongly about giving back to our community so we let our clients choose the CAUSE of their choice!

The Den: What inspired you to start designing, planning, and creating events, DIY’s, and everything in between?

Amber L: When I was in high school I saw the TV show called “Whose Wedding Is It Anyways” where they documented the lives of wedding planners. After just one episode I knew it would be the perfect career for me! With a lot of persistence I soon found myself living in LA and interning with my favorite celebrity wedding planner from the show.  Then while getting my degree at San Diego State University, I rediscovered my passion for creating. That is when I delved into the floral design side of the wedding industry. Upon graduating, I landed a job  Hostess with the Mostess (HWTM), the popular party blog. There I learned about DIY’s and started contributing posts on HWTM. There are so many talented people in this industry and Southern California takes weddings, creativity and design to a whole other level so I find that inspirational in itself.

The Den: Who inspires your work?

Amber L: Ever since I was a little girl my dad instilled a strong work ethic in my siblings and me. While we despised him at the time, now I understand why he had us laying tile at the age of 4 and installing sprinkler systems at the age of 11. He wanted us to be strong, independent and hard-working individuals. His drive and ambition inspires me to work hard everyday so that I can be completely self-sufficient and independent financially. But working hard isn’t enough. I have always known that I wanted to do something that I am passionate about, something that makes me happy to go to work everyday. Each wedding I do I seriously get the biggest high from. That’s how I know I truly love it. Plus weddings are usually one of the most important days in someone’s life so being a part of that is an honor.

The Den: Anything currently in the works for the ALE Team?

 Amber L: Yes!!! We have lots of fun projects going on all the time! Right now our biggest project is the launch of a new branch of ALE called Cotton Clouds For A Cause (CCFAC) (http://www.cottoncloudsforacause.com). My clients often times ask for advice on what to do for wedding favors. I always recommend donating to the charity of their choice and doing an in lieu-of-favor card letting guests know that a donation was made in their honor. Most of my clients love the idea of donating but want something tangible for their guests too.

With that feedback the idea for CCFAC was born…we offer cotton candy favors in custom and creative packaging. Since the portions are small (I mean let’s be honest, wedding guests already have appetizers, drinks, dinner, drinks, cake, drinks, usually a dessert bar of some sort, more drinks, and sometimes even comfort food snacks at the end of the night so they don’t really need a huge chunk of cotton candy) a portion of the proceeds from each favor go to the same CAUSES that a portion of ALE event proceeds go to…and yes the client gets to choose the CAUSE! We also offer event packages where we spin fresh cotton candy at events with a portion of the proceeds also going to the CAUSE of the client’s choice.

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