Casa de Perrin – Interview + Look-Book

21The art of collecting/curating beautiful things has been a weekend past time of mine for years. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to Casa de Perrin. It’s not only about the treasures but also about the tradition and memories that come along with them. I inherited  my grandmothers china collection, along with other cherished family heirlooms, and they remain some of my most valued and prized possessions. So many great memories surround these dishes, goblets, and silverware. Each one tells its own unique story. I’m so happy to introduce Casa de Perrin, and their story.

Always infuse your work with things that make you happy, things that make it worth it, otherwise, what’s the point! -Casa de Perrin

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Meet The CdP Team! 



Photo By Josh Perrin (Gold Collection)

Amber: I love the story behind your brand and business. Can you tell our reader’s how Casa de Perrin was started?

Casa de Perrin: In 1970 a good friend of Josh’s parents gifted them bistro plates from France monogrammed with the words “La Casa de Perrin” for their wedding.  These were the dinner plates Josh grew up eating off of throughout his childhood, and in 2001 they were passed on to him.  

Little did his parents know that Josh would grow up and fall in love with and marry Diana, and that these plates would become the inspiration behind a curated boutique rental company that would allow them to express their combined artistic tastes and work together scouring the world for beautiful, one-of-a-kind things.  
But even more beautiful than the most beautiful things they would find, were the traditions that surrounded them.  The handwritten notes denoting the manufacturer and factory marks, and all the family members the set of china had belonged to.  Wedding cards stored with cake plates, still in their original box.  All of the beautiful associations and the idea that these pieces were meant to remain a constant in time.  Bedazzled and unharmed.  Protected and cherished for future generations to come.  
It is these traditions that Casa de Perrin is based on of, and the premise for every piece in our collections, whether to buy or to rent, whether 200 years old or custom-made today. 
Amber: Looks like the Casa de Perrin team are finders of great treasures. Can you tell us about your greatest find?
Casa de Perrin: One of the most surprising and memorable finds happened we were en route to an event in Palm Springs and stopped at a hole-in-the-wall antique shop. There in a dusty corner was one of the most singularly pristine pair of champagne coupes we had ever seen. The glamorous possibilities of its history (could easily see Catherine Hepburn holding in Golden Era Hollywood), and the story of how it wound up alone in the desert, was so incredibly fascinating.
Amber: Who or What inspires your team on a daily basis?
Casa de Perrin: We are incredibly fortunate to constantly be surrounded by the most talented of friends — photographers,designers, stylists– our Casa roommate is the brilliant Amber Moon of Pitbulls and Posies, a serious visionary of paper goods, so it’s hard not to be inspired day in and day out!
Photo By Josh Perrin
Amber: When putting together a dinner party what would you say are the most important details?
Casa de Perrin: We are all about subtle but special. Salt cellars are perhaps our one of our favorite pieces of decor, something that you might not ever think about adding but once they are on the table they add such a beautiful sparkle that you can’t imagine living without them.
Amber: Any advice for those artists and dreamers thinking about starting their own company?
Casa de Perrin: Go for it. Hold fiercely on to the passion that made you start your venture in the first place, even when you are hit from all angles of adversity. Be willing to do everything, from the nitty and grittiest of jobs (ie washing thousands and thousands of dishes into the middle of the night) so that you know exactly what is required to make your business run in the way that YOU want and would feel comfortable to eventually handing off to others. Most of all, make sure you always infuse your work with things that make you happy, things that make it worth it, otherwise, what’s the point!
jose villaPhoto By Jose Villa
7Photo By Jose Villa
32Photo By Josh Perrin

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