Record Store Day April 20th, 2013


Hi Inspiration Den readers! I hope you’re as excited about Record Store Day as I am!  There’s nothing better than finding one of your favorite albums on vinyl! I think my top 5 favorite finds would have to be 1) The Kinks – Muswell Hillbillies 2) T-Rex Electric Warrior 3) Hasil Adkins – The Lonesome and Blue Sounds of Hasil Adkins 4) Leonard Cohen – Songs From A Room 5) The Byrds – Sweet Heart of the Rodeo. I’m really looking forward to finding some newbies to add to my collection!

A few month’s back we featured one of our favorite Record Store and shop owner Dave of Factory Records. I think Factory has one of the best record selections around! If you don’t already follow Factory on FB, you should. Dave has been posting some awesome finds, as well as some ominous photos of records that wont be announced/released until RSD on 4/20! Not only will Factory be putting out new stuff but they’ll also have a whole parking lot filled with records for all of us to dig through. Trust me, there are lots of gems to be found! Dave will be opening his doors at 5:05am. Hope to see ya’ there!


Here’s an image from Dave’s FB page! I don’t know about you but I’m so excited to sift through these crates of records!


Here’s another awesome image of Factory Records! So many records!

Here’s a couple more record stores in the area that I love and if you need to find some record stores in your area check out the

Record Store Day Website!

Cream Tangerine at The Lab


Port of Sound Record Shoppe


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