In + On: Creating Style That Can Evolve

We bought our first home last April, and through study of homes, design, and style, I found I was learning more from other’s past mistakes rather than finding good ideas. It turned into my husband and I sitting at the computer doing research and proceeding to laugh for hours. It’s always funny when it’s someone else’s life, right? This method actually turned out to be productive – it’s nice to learn from other’s mistakes, and it helps narrow down the decent options pretty quickly.

This image has kinda stuck out to me when thinking about my future “style”.

Realize, in a past fashion society, this room was on the cover of magazines. Imagine the profound amount of work that went into this room? It’s as iconic as the puff sleeves that filled the chapels during the same period. You and I will never forget, no matter how hard we try, the mistakes of the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond.

So, in light of that, what I’m trying to work on is an evolving style. As I make choices for my home or my clothing, I want to purchase or create items that I can change with me. This creates a new way I view my home, because “home” isn’t a trend, color, or even a look – it’s more than that, and hopefully my style is too. My grandmother had a knock out, gorgeous home, but most of all she had a knack for nailing the “home” feeling. She did this without being up on every passing trend, but while fully incorporating the lasting trends that made things feel fresh. I’m hoping for something similar, and have found a few ways to keep myself on track with my style goals.

(The only picture that included me with my beloved green chair!)

For the home, it looks like this:

Solid Furniture: I love patterns as much as the next guy, but I’m leaving that job to the pillows and throw – and on occasion an accent chair.

Painting often: I love how a simple day of work and a coat of paint changes the entire feel and look of any room. This helps me to not get antsy about “changing” with every trend whim because it’s a dramatic difference and cost next to nothing.

Thrifting: I switch out my accents often, things like trinkets, trays, frames, etc… Because I buy most of them at thrift stores, my house is constantly filled with unique vintage items and I don’t feel bad getting rid of things that only cost two dollars.

For clothing, it looks like this:

Spend more: I always spend more on my jeans, jackets, sunglasses, and tank tops. These are the four items I wear often and I need them to hold up through everything from day long photo shoots to trips to the park with my kids.

Black: I love black, it’s timeless, and I wear it almost everyday. Does it ever go “out”? Never.

For both In + On:

Buy things you Love. More than anything I’ve found that patience to find or save for an item you love instead of just making a purchase. I looked for a pair of vintage wingbacks for almost a year before I found them. In the end, I got exactly what I wanted and I’ve had them for almost 2 years now and still LOVE them. Same goes for my Kate Spade glasses and yes, even my house. xxoo

Lovelock & Co. by Ashley

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