Scott Coppersmith Designs

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have the opportunity to interview and showcase an amazing artist… Scott Coppersmith Designs! I have a huge respect and love for those who have the ability to maintain a green lifestyle and also appreciate the arts and those rolled into one make for some amazing work. This year I went to UNIQUE L.A., where I first stumbled upon Scott Coppersmith Designs. I was totally drawn to his work. It’s not only up-cycled materials, but also an amazing piece of decor that I’ve rarely seen in homes or stylish events. I think Scott has started a new revolution in the wedding + style world with his unique designs and am so privileged to have him in The Den!


Amber-The Inspiration Den  // Scott-Scott Coppersmith Designs                                                                                                                                                                                   

Amber: What inspired you to start designing and building Lighting + Furniture pieces out of up-cycled materials?

Scott: I used to be a builder and 2/3 of America’s landfills are construction debris. I saw it everyday and decided to do something about it                             

Amber: How do you prepare/get inspired for designing a new project?

Scott: Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. You just have to be open to it. Don’t discredit or discount things before really thinking about them. It’s a lot of brainwork but I see it as that’s what I’m getting paid for.

Amber: Out of all the pieces you’ve created is there one in particular that you love a little more than the others?                                    

Scott: They all have they’re fun bits. I usually like the latest more than any other simply bc it’s fresh and new to me, too. But I am constantly evolving my art so as I push boundaries I am more proud of each piece.  I still one of the first ones. I know I’ll always keep it. I suppose that despite it being a total price of shite it reminds me of a) where I’ve come b) how far I’ve come c) why to keep on going when I think I’ve made something crappy (sometimes you have to make 20 before there’s a good one worthy of the market).

Amber: Whose work do you relate to most? Who inspires you?

Scott: I love Banksy. Old Vegas sign dudes. Ivan earl. Chuck close. But most of my hero artists are musicians; Paul Simon, Tom Waits, the latest dj (today it’s Griz or local boys Gypsy Death Star) Andrew Matranga, old reggae, anything from New Orleans with horns and anything with solid dynamics and positivity.
When it comes to furniture I don’t go into stores. I don’t know what’s popular.  I don’t know famous furniture guys.  I don’t follow blogs, I don’t analyze what my friend have unless they’ve made it and that’s just so I can appreciate and compliment them properly. I was briefly classically trained so I know quality joinery and craftsmanship when I see it or need to utilize it. But I like being completely out of the box. I have no interest in making a big production run of trendy stuff or those that are doing just that.
Scott Coppersmith Design // Site // Pinterest // FB
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