In + On: Pillows/Purses

A few weeks back, I bought a pillow. I promptly hid it under the bed and planned on sneaking it into my decor somewhere later in the week, in hopes that my husband wouldn’t notice that we owned yet another decorative pillow.

The true sign of an addict is when they hide their addiction right?

Unfortunately my children ratted me out. Much like I’m going to rat out all my favorite places to buy pillows. I love to change-up the pillows around my house since they are such a quick fix to a new “look”. I even have seasonal pillows I bring out during different holidays to infuse my spaces with the holiday themes. It’s totally an old lady custom, but choosing the right patterns help make it more Upper East side.

1. Target or World Market online: These tie for top two for me. I’ll be honest though, Target’s website is a nightmare, but these two online stores are a great place for pillows. In stores these two always seems to be picked over, it’s much less so online.

2. Urban Outfitters: The pillows are always overly trendy, but sometimes that’s what you need. I always always check UO when on a pillow hunt.

3. Ebay: Kilim pillows, Ralph Lauren Collections & Williams Sonoma are often found on ebay. This is a little more of a gamble to not know the exact tones because it’s all based on personal crummy pictures, but I have found some beauties on ebay (Including the Ralph Lauren pinstriped charcoal shams on my bed!)

4. Homegoods: Don’t be sucked in the mountains of pillows they have and just buy anything! You have to look for those with quality filling and sturdy seams. They also carry Ralph Lauren on occasion (a personal fav) and other notable brands with real feather stuffing for incredibly low prices.

5. HSN: If this doesn’t sound like a joke, I don’t know what will, but they collaborate with designs on occasion and I have really loved some of the lines they put out.

I’m in the market for a handbag. I’m not big on switching often, so I need one bag I can carry all the time to work or play, which leads to me almost always purchasing black. Of course, as I’m looking around, I can’t help but stare at all the gorgeous types I wouldn’t buy. Too small, too big, too colorful, or impractical, but oh so fun to have one day a week. I can’t get over the color blocking. Too good.

(Links & credit for all the inspiration images can be found on my Inspiration Den Board)

Lovelock & Co. by Ashley

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